This is the Offical Website for the Reichert Research Group.

The Reichert Lab is part of the Radiological Sciences Division within the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis Missouri.

Our research is focused on the development and utilization of molecular modeling techniques in order to understand the interactions of radiometal complexes with biological systems, and to design new ligands for the coordination of radiometals to be used for diagnostic imaging and therapy. This involves many areas of computational chemistry ranging from development of molecular mechanics forcefields to the utilization of density functional calculations, and QSAR studies of radiolabeled pharmaceuticals.

A second research area is the development and utilization of microfluidics for radiopharmaceuticals. Microfluidic reactors, consisting of a network of micron-sized channels (typical dimensions in the range 10 – 300 μm), filters, separation columns, electrodes and reaction loops/chambers etched onto a solid substrate, are now emerging as an extremely useful technology for the intensification and miniaturization of chemical processes. The ability to manipulate, process and analyze reagent concentrations and reaction interfaces in both space and time within the channel network of a microreactor provides the fine level of reaction control that is desirable in PET radiochemistry practice.